Decoding Super Numbers in Luxury Fabrics: Unveiling the Thread Count Mystery

by Enzo Custom | February 5, 2024

When delving into the world of fine suiting, understanding the significance of Super numbers – Super 140s, Super 150s, Super 160s, Super 180s, and Super 200s – is essential. These numbers denote the fineness of the fibers used in weaving, with higher Super counts indicating more delicate and exclusive fabrics.

1. The Entry Point to Luxury: Super 140s Beginning the journey into luxury fabrics, Super 140s strike a balance between durability and elegance. Perfect for regular wear, these fabrics provide a touch of sophistication without compromising on resilience.

2. Elevating Elegance: Super 150s and Super 160s As the Super scale ascends, fabrics become lighter, softer, and more breathable. Super 150s and Super 160s are chosen for tailored suits that exude a refined aura, making them ideal for those seeking a subtle style statement.

3. A Leap into Opulence: Super 180s Stepping into Super 180s marks a significant leap in quality. These fabrics, incredibly soft and luxurious, offer unparalleled comfort. Suits made from Super 180s wool are reserved for special occasions or individuals who appreciate the epitome of refinement.

4. The Epitome of Luxury: Super 200s Reaching the pinnacle of luxury, Super 200s fabrics are rare and exquisite. Known for their ethereal lightness, suits made from Super 200s wool are reserved for the most special events, where only the finest will suffice. As wearers navigate the Super scale, they unravel a world where the threads themselves hold the secret to true sartorial elegance.

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