Breaking Tradition Without The Belt: Styles That Work (And Some That Don't)

Just like most other fashion accessories, belts also serve both a functional and stylistic purpose, adding extra trouser support Along with a visual complement to the rest of a person's ensemble. Although there are several pros and cons of each type of support system, choosing belts over suspenders and vice versa is always going to come down to a matter of personal preference.

by Bryan S. | May 3, 2022

The Wedding Dress Code Debate: To Have Or Not To Have

It goes without saying that one's wedding day is one of the most important, if not the most important day in a person's life. It's expected that most people want to look their best whenever they reach that unforgettable life milestone.

by Bryan S. | April 26, 2022

Mastering The Art Of The Tuxedo: Unconventional Styles For Black-Tie Optional

Black-tie is the de facto ultimate dress code for special occasions around the globe and has been for the better part of a century. Unlike other fashion trends that tend to ebb and flow, the tuxedo has remained rather fixed and unchanged, establishing itself as the classic hallmark of memorable events.

by Bryan S. | April 20, 2022

Folding Pocket Squares To Fit Your Style

by Bryan S. | April 18, 2022

Vents, Lapels, and Buttons: All The Details That Round Out A Custom Suit

by Bryan S. | March 14, 2022

Flexibility At Your Convenience: Appointments That Come To You

by Bryan S. | March 7, 2022

Dress Codes For Restaurants? No, They Have Not Completely Disappeared

by Bryan S. | February 3, 2022

Laundering Your Ties: Is It Really Necessary?

by Bryan S. | January 23, 2022

Keeping Your Brightest Dress Shirts From Fading

by Bryan S. | January 11, 2022

Style Tips For When You Decide To Leave Your Tie At Home

by Bryan S. | December 27, 2021