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What's A Gentleman To Do When His Suit No Longer Fits?

Even suits made with the perfect fit in mind are not immune from the one universal thing that keeps tailors around the globe in business. And that thing would be us, or that annoying tendency for everyone's dimensions and body shape to change over periods of time. It's always disappointing when you have a wedding coming up and your tuxedo no longer is as snug as it used to be, or your best suit barely accommodates a tucked-in dress shirt for an important cocktail party just around the corner. So what can we do about these inconveniences, other than have a wardrobe the size of an entire department store rack?

by Brian | April 8, 2021

Upcoming Summer Trends For 2021, and the Benefits of Linen

Ever wonder why brighter pastel colors are more popular during the summer? Or why wearing an undershirt as an extra layer can actually keep you cooler? In this article, we'll give you the rundown on summer trends for 2021 as well as the benefits of linen and other light materials, so you can keep your summer ensembles as comfortable as possible when the mercury begins to rise.

by Brian | March 20, 2021

Revisiting Everything Black Tie For Upcoming Proms, Weddings, and Awards Ceremonies

Events that were postponed or canceled are slowly but surely being revived as everyone navigates and adjusts to proper etiquette and physical distancing rules going forward. While some of us aren't complaining about being stuck inside, the upcoming spring season might be an opportune time to take a good look at your formal wear and to make sure it all still fits.

by Brian | March 12, 2021

Optimizing Your Professional Attire For Warmer Weather

by Brian | February 20, 2021

Quick Fashion Tips That Aren't Always Obvious

by A Collaborator | February 6, 2021

Keeping A Broad Selection of Ties On Hand: How Many Is Too Many?

by A Collaborator | January 28, 2021

Optimizing Your Professional Attire For Colder Weather

by A Collaborator | January 9, 2021

The Future of Formal and Casual Office Dress

by A Collaborator | December 17, 2020

Keeping Your Professionalism Up For Zoom Meetings and Videoconferences

by A Collaborator | December 3, 2020

Holiday Parties and Holiday Photos in the New Normal

by A Collaborator | November 23, 2020