Enzo Signature

Our Signature fabrics offer a diverse and unique set of options for your next garment. Take your personalized style to the next level with this curated selection of top quality fabrics.


The Signature difference was developed by Enzo Custom, bringing some of the highest quality fabrics exclusively to our clients at a more competitive price. Always on trend and always in season, Enzo Signature fabrics offer our clients an ever-evolving collection of options.

Superior Sourcing

Always on the lookout for new offerings of high-quality fabrics, our sourcing team follows a carefully developed set of guidelines and must-haves to be used in selecting the latest and greatest. Our rigorous quality assurance process allows us to preserve our commitments to you when sourcing impeccable textiles from various, reputable mills around the world. Whether you're searching for a flexible wool, an artisanal quality linen, or a lightweight and luxurious cashmere, Enzo Signature fabrics always deliver diverse options to appeal to your unique style.

Around the Globe

The Enzo Signature fabric collection is not sourced from just one fabric mill but is instead carefully curated and pulled together season after season from an array of mills all across the world. Only the finest fabrics make it into this collection to be shared with our clients, allowing you to experience luxury from across the globe.


Visit our showroom to browse through the diverse options offered by our Signature collection. Expand your wardrobe choices and discover incredible value with this line of expertly-sourced fabrics.