Loro Piana

Enzo Custom has carefully curated a large assortment of the finest Loro Piana fabrics. Join us as we take you from their farms to their mills in the Loro Piana pursuit for excellence.

Loro Piana

The Loro Piana brand has specialized in creating fabrics from the finest raw materials in the world for six generations, dating back to the early 1800s. Their quest for materials has taken them to all corners of the globe.

Merino Wool

The world's highest quality wool comes from a cozy community of Merino Sheep spread throughout the climates of New Zealand and Australia. Every year, Loro Piana is pleasured to purchase the Record Bales, comprised of the finest wool from the finest sheep. The material is then put through an extensive production process, lending itself to beautiful garments made with natural stretch and comfort.


Loro Piana's fine quality cashmere comes from the Hircus Goats in Mongolia. Each year, their fur is harvested through a harmless combing process, providing for the creation of an extraordinarily soft and unique fabric. Cashmere’s lightweight and warming qualities combine perfectly to create a luxury feel with a functional approach.

Loro Piana

Each season, Enzo Custom selects the highest quality fabrics from the latest Loro Piana collection. Our clothiers are specially equipped to help you understand the unique qualities of each fabric so you can design your perfect, suit, tuxedo or jacket.