Holland & Sherry

Holland & Sherry was started in 1836 by two textile merchants who specialized in wool and silk fabrics. Headquartered in London, England, Holland & Sherry produces some of the finest quality fabrics distributed around the world today.

Holland & Sherry

Located in Tome, Chile, The Holland & Sherry mill sources raw materials from Australia, Zealand, and Patagonia. To ensure they remain one of the most environmentally conscious mills currently in production, Holland & Sherry take multiple steps towards a greener planet through responsible production. Not only does the mill generate it’s own energy through the burning of wood pellets and agricultural by-products, it also carefully regulates water use, enabling the water to be transformed into safe drinking water. Additionally, any fiber waste generated by the mill is either donated or reused.

A Rich History

Born from a humble dream, Holland & Sherry has continuously increased their market share and expanded their business since its foundation in 1836. By strategically choosing where and how to expand, Holland & Sherry broke into markets across North and South America, Europe and even Russia. Today they remain headquartered in London, where they continue to grow and perfect their product.

Collections of Quality

Holland & Sherry offers a wide array of quality fabric collections. From lavish wools to Scottish tweeds, each fabric is crafted with classic styling in mind while also blazing a trail of new looks and fine finishes. Each collection offers bold patterns with a sophisticated feel. Whether you opt for a wool classic or a cashmere statement, your garments are sure to be of the finest quality.

Holland & Sherry

Each season, Enzo Custom selects the highest quality fabrics from the latest Holland & Sherry collection. Our clothiers are specially equipped to help you understand the unique qualities of each fabric so you can design your perfect, suit, tuxedo or jacket.