Enzo Sartori

The Enzo Sartori Collection, comprised exclusively of two-ply fibers measuring between 14.5–16.5 microns, is woven solely with the finest Australian Merino wool, European machinery, and Italian design.

Enzo Sartori

The Enzo Sartori fabrics are sourced from fine materials across the world and woven into impressive textiles through a meticulous production process. With the utmost attention, from mill to showroom, ensuring only the finest results in your custom garments. Always available and consistently updated, the Enzo Sartori Collection offers our personal taste of luxury.

Super 150's 160's and 180's

Silver, Platino, and Diamante are the finest fabrics offered by the Enzo Sartori Collection. These bunches consist of year round classic styles that are and will continue to be staples in every gentleman's wardrobe.

Precise Production

The Enzo Sartori fabrics, sourced from the finest quality materials, are crafted through precise processes to ensure the highest level of construction and quality. Enzo Sartori fabrics perfectly unify quailty craftsmanship with industry leading innovation, providing you with a superior fabric selection.

Enzo Satori

Visit our showroom to see our beautiful collections of in-house fabric in person. Their lightweight, versatile designs make for an array of options for your next custom garment.