Inside our Jackets

Quality Canvasing

Designed for Luxury

Meticulously crafted with the finest materials, even the ones you don't see.

Premium Horsehair Interlining

To move with the contours of your body; providing the best structure, shape, and natural drape.

Full Canvas

Fully canvased jackets are constructed with a layer of Italian horsehair placed between the fabric and the lining. It helps to hold the shape of the garment, offering a smooth finish that molds to the body.

Semi-Full Canvas

Helping to sculpt the shoulders and chest of the jacket, this canvasing option creates a natural form with an elegant drape and finish while providing a more robust structure.

Shoulder Padding

Designed to provide the perfect balance of structure and support without appearing bulky or feeling uncomfortable.


Choose from an extensive range of horn buttons to add your personal touch of style to your suit. Quality, weight, and texture elements provide a luxurious and tactile experience.