The Impact of Accessories: Elevating Your Suit with Ties, Pocket Squares, and More

by Enzo Custom | September 19, 2023

The First Impression

A well-tailored suit speaks volumes about your sense of style and professionalism, but it's often the smaller details—the accessories—that can transform your look from standard to stunning. Whether you're rocking an Enzo Custom suit for a business meeting, a wedding, or a night on the town, it's the ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and more that complete the ensemble. Let's dive into the world of accessories and explore how they can elevate your suited look.

The Art of the Tie

A tie is often the first thing people notice when they see your suit. It adds a burst of color and pattern, and it's an area where you can really let your personality shine.

Material Matters

Silk ties are the gold standard for a reason. They hold their shape, come in a range of colors and patterns, and add a touch of luxury to your suit. Wool ties are another elegant choice, especially for colder seasons.

Knot It Right

Whether you go for a simple Four-in-Hand or a more elaborate Windsor, the knot you choose makes a difference. And remember, the width of your tie should match the width of your suit's lapel.

Pocket Squares: A Dash of Panache

Unlike ties, pocket squares are all about subtlety—a small yet noticeable touch that can make a significant difference.

Color Coordinated

While it might be tempting to match your pocket square and tie, a more modern approach is to coordinate without directly matching, allowing for a more nuanced ensemble.

Folding Techniques

From the simple Presidential fold to the more intricate Puff fold, how you fold your pocket square can say a lot about your style.

Cufflinks and Beyond

Cufflinks add a touch of sophistication and are a great way to introduce metal tones that can be coordinated with your belt buckle, watch, or even your shoelace tips.

Function and Form

Choose cufflinks that not only match your suit but also serve their purpose effectively—holding your cuffs together while looking fabulous.

Timeless Accents: The Lesser-Known Extras

Other accessories like lapel pins, tie bars, and even your choice of socks can further elevate your look, offering an extra layer of personalization.

The Final Flourish

Accessories might be small in size, but their impact is massive. They offer the finishing touches that make your already outstanding Enzo Custom suit into a true representation of your personal style. Never underestimate the power of these little style warriors; wield them wisely and make every suit-wearing occasion a memorable one.

So go ahead, book your next appointment with an Enzo Custom clothier and discover how the right accessories can take your suit from "just another outfit" to the epitome of style and elegance.

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