Mix and Match: Fashion Advice for Coordinating Your Enzo Custom Suit and Accessories

by Enzo Custom | August 18, 2023

The Art of Coordination

An Enzo Custom suit symbolizes craftsmanship, quality, and style. However, even the finest suit can be elevated with the right choice of accessories. In this post, we'll offer some expert tips on how to mix and match your Enzo Custom suit with various accessories for a seamless and stylish appearance.

Choosing the Right Shirt

Color Coordination

The color of your shirt plays a vital role in defining your overall look. Consider contrasting light and dark shades between your suit and shirt for a balanced look. For instance, a light blue shirt pairs well with a navy or charcoal suit.

Fabric and Texture

Selecting the right fabric is crucial. If you have a textured suit, a smoother shirt fabric can create an appealing contrast. Consult with your Enzo Custom clothier to find the perfect fabric combination.

Tie Selection

Match or Contrast

You can either match your tie to your suit for a more cohesive appearance or select a contrasting color to make a bold statement. Stripes or subtle patterns can also add interest.

The Perfect Knot

The tie knot should complement your suit and shirt collar. A thicker knot like the Windsor works well with a spread collar, while a Four-in-Hand knot is suitable for a classic collar.

Footwear Essentials

Classic Choices

Quality leather shoes are a timeless choice. Black is versatile, but brown can add warmth to your outfit. The style of the shoe can vary depending on the formality of the suit.

Sock Selection

Socks can either match your suit or provide a splash of color. Whichever you choose, quality matters, so opt for well-made socks that reflect the craftsmanship of your Enzo Custom suit.

Additional Accessories

Cufflinks and Watches

Cufflinks and watches should be chosen with care. They should reflect your personal style and the occasion. A sleek watch pairs well with a business suit, while more decorative cufflinks may be suited for special events.

Pocket Squares and Belts

Pocket squares add a touch of sophistication. They can match your tie or be in a complementary shade. Your belt should typically match your shoes in color and texture.

Crafting Your Signature Look

Coordinating your Enzo Custom suit with the right accessories doesn't have to be complicated. By considering color, texture, and personal style, you can create a look that's uniquely yours. Remember, the small details make a significant impact, so don't be afraid to experiment. Consult with your Enzo Custom clothier for personalized recommendations and start crafting a look that showcases your individual style.

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